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Fit for Living mission is: To empower individuals through education, counseling, hands-on training, and health screenings, so that they are able to make informed health decisions in order to live healthier longer lives.

Fit for Living vision is: To improve the quality of life for individuals in our community by eliminating disparities and achieving health equity.

Fit for Living is a health awareness program for African American families to achieve and maintain a healthy weight, by encouraging physical activity and healthy eating habits.
Obesity affects minorities in very high numbers, leading to heart disease, diabetes, and other health problems according to the CDC and the Tennessee State Department of Health. Alert CDC has created a program to change habits associated with obesity.

Fit For Living Healthcare

Fit for Living is a 9-week program in which minority families will attend classes and demonstrations that were developed to help participants to develop and adapt healthy lifestyles involving physical activity lifestyle changes, and nutrition for the entire family.

At Kick Off Events there are health screenings, exercise sessions and educational workshops from local exercise and nutrition experts.